About Me

Hi, thank you so much for visiting my website. I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a published Portrait, Headshot and Fashion Photographer based in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I travel to NYC a few times a year and I’m planning trips to the the West Coast, as well as other cities in 2019/2020.

I am married to an amazing, supportive husband and have two very talented and creative sons. I love styling, thrifting, decorating and gardening. You could say Pinterest was made for me, minus the cooking and cleaning. :)

Finding Photography has given me life, literally and figuratively. It’s quite a story and I’d love to tell you about it, so please ask me about it!

My story is not finished, in fact it has only just begun. I look forward to the many adventures on the horizon, like traveling to places I’ve never been to and meeting people that will forever change my life and who I will hopefully change theirs.


How do I run a session?

The way I go into every session is thinking of the individual and their unique needs. I start with a main idea or theme, like if there is a specific style or mood we’re creating. Sometimes, I’ll take a cue from your wardrobe ( If it’s edgy, we’ll go with some urban backdrops or I’ll look for something that compliments the color of your shirt). Once we have that, I like to let the session unfold naturally ( I’ll take cues from your mood, your personality and the things around us.) I’m a creative at heart, so I like to take my time while also being spontaneous. I prefer to change things up and try new things with everyone. I definitely don’t like anything cookie-cutter. I also find that when we get spontaneous, we create the best images. We create MAGIC!



This industry is incredible in that you get to meet so many different people all in different stages of their dreams and journeys. I am fortunate enough to have met some very talented individuals early on in my career and continue to build close relationships with people with the same kind of positive energy, drive and passion in what they do.

I am honored to be an agency recommended photographer from New York to Miami and Atlanta to L.A. with agencies, including J.Pervis Talent, Click Models Atlanta and Tout Models.

“Life is not a Competition, Life is about helping and inspiring others so we can each reach our Potential”. -Kim Chase

I truly believe that life and success is about relationships. We can all ride the wave to the top together.

Lee Wilson Portraits is based in Brevard N.C.